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Rain Day!

It was a rainy day at RLGC. The girls had a late wake up and breakfast and then watched and sang along to high school musical in the indoor arena! Then they got ready with their camp sister for camp sister twin dinner and game night! They played apples to apples, jenga, scrabble, uno, headbanz, and many more… The day was filled with singing, laughing, and lots of fun!

This week in Arts and Crafts.
All campers are making designs for their bandannas.
Some bunks are working on splash paint with watercolor, some others are painting and sewing with yarn on sushi mats.
They are still making para-cord, beads and friendship bracelets.
Some girls are making rings and jewelry with wire and beads!

We can’t wait for you to see everything we have been working on! Two more days to go!!!