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Inter-Camps Galore!

Lots of inter-camps going on this week! The upper sophs and lower juniors had an inter-camp soccer tournament at echo lake. The upper and lower sophs and lower juniors are preparing for a tennis inter-camp. At swim the girls are practicing for a swim meet Friday. 57 girls are signed up to go!

The first week of dance, all bunks learned a fun and easy dance to the song of the summer, “Old Town Road”. As the second week started, each bunk has started learning a dance of their own to perform in front of the camp before lunch. In this week’s elective, the Supy girls are learning a contemporary dance and will perform it for the camp on Sunday!

Evening activity was the first mini sing of summer 2019! The girls performed songs dating all the way back to 1972. What is so special about our sings is that a lot of our campers are second, and third generation and sing the same songs their grandmothers did!