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Boys don't miss a beat

As the girls enjoyed visiting day the boys did not miss a beat! We had visitors from younger brothers to show them an evening in the life of RLBC.

By the way don’t think we forgot! You are here today. Have the best day with your boys…

Here is an update from our tennis head!

Raquette Lake Tennis program is desiged with totally engaging and equipping our campers with the Fundamentals suitable for Physical, Technical, Tactical and Mental play.

Here is our Priority focus for each group:-

Freshmen – Movement and balance with basic shape forming, accuracy and consistency with how to score and handle winning / losing.

Sophomores – Speed, strength, flexibility, sound strokes with racket head speed. All game situations and doubles with being able to concentrate.

Juniors- Endurance, core stability developing power and use of spin. Playing offensively and self discipline.

Seniors- Using strengths controlling points and self responsibility for fully independent play with staying positive.

When all this is achieved successfully we would have created the TOTAL RAQUETEER!!