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Birchwood Campfire!

Last night our Birchwood girls hosted a campfire for the rest of the camp. Their theme was sisterhood and along with singing old Alma’s, 5 of the girls spoke about an experience they’ve had at camp that had to do with sisterhood.

Today is trip day and Birchwood will go to a local beach where they will write an Alma of their own and plan a show to perform for camp tonight!

Our Supy girls are enjoying their senior trip! We will tell you ALL about it when they return.

The junior girls are busy in the Raquette Lake playhouse preparing for their big debut of… GREASE! We can’t wait to see it and sing along to some of our favorite Broadway tunes.

During this week in Arts and Crafts the girls are enjoying their projects. Some examples are teddy bears made out of towels, painted monkeys, decorations for bird nests, watercolor on paper, carving for printing, and making rings with wire. Supy painted the bench for the mini sing the other night and started painting hats. Birchwood is working on a banner for their show!